Copenhagen Surf School

We are a small energetic surf family where passion and work go hand in hand. The surf school is founded on strong friendship and our shared burning passion for windsurfing. When you go surfing with us, you are taught by deeply professional instructors and we only use State of the Art – surf equipment. For us, quality and professionalism mean absolutely everything and we never compromise, that's a promise!       

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August 6

Our Master Class Community is growing year on year!

Our Master Class Community is growing year on year!
The sun is shining over the surf school and it's never been more fun to go windsurfing at Master Class! More than 250 surfers will meet every week from today and for the next 9 weeks for lots of windsurfing, fun and summer vibes on the boardwalk! 🏄‍♀️🌴
April 23rd

We're kicking off the 2023 season with a bang!

We're kicking off the 2023 season with a bang!
The surf season has officially started 😍🌴 We're looking forward to five months of non-stop windsurfing, sun and summer vibes with you all!
March 21st

Surf trip to Fuerteventura - the island with strong winds!

Surf trip to Fuerteventura - the island with strong winds!
We just got back from a magical surf trip! For the first time ever, we flew south for the winter with our cool surfing students. We landed on an island called "strong wind". It was a week packed with windsurfing among dolphins and sea turtles, cold cervezas and Spanish glosses - read the full trip story on our surf blog.
June 27

Now with Surfkontor at Christianshavn 😀

Now with Surfkontor at Christianshavn :D
When we're not out at the surf school swinging sails or tugging on draft beer taps, we're drinking office coffee, writing emails, instagramming and making wild master plans for the future! 🤙 We're pretty happy with our little (new) office 🪴
February 28

Sponsor Change!

Sponsor Change!
BIG NEWS!! We are thrilled to finally be able to unveil our brand new collaboration! It has always been our vision to create authentic windsurf experiences of the highest order! It is therefore with butterflies in our stomachs that we kick off the 6th season with what we think is the world's absolute best surf sail! You can now look forward to feeling the rush as the ultralight Severne S1 rig carries you off! And look forward to windsurfing with exactly the same equipment as Philip Köster, Bjørn Dunkerbeck and copenhagen surf school team! Together with Mikkel and Severne, we are totally excited.Read More
July 24

Magical summer days at surf school

Magical summer days at surf school
Summer 2020 has so far featured plenty of surfing, sun and hot surf vibes! Especially the month of July has been great with several tropical days and nights! 30 degrees at surf school – it calls for a shared dip. And the good weather continues - are you going to go paddleboards for the weekend? Psst! It is now possible to end your session on icy Kona Big Waves in the surf café.
July 1

The surf café is finally ready!

Surfcafe Amager beach park
After many hours of hard work and buckets of coffee, our brand new surf café is finally ready! We have transformed the old bunker and installed our small surf bar where you can enjoy hot coffee, cold beer and exotic drinks. We still have to get a few last things in place, but the most important thing is ready – namely cold supplies directly from Funen. Yes, you heard very enough, we have Funen Spring on tap!
March 1

Now with permanent location in Amager Strandpark!

Now with permanent location in Amager Strandpark!
Then it happened! After 4 years with our beloved "Surfmobil" in the parking lot at Dinghyvej 8, we have now got a permanent location in Amager Strandpark. We have moved into the bunker at Strandstation 3, right next to the car park, here we are currently building Copenhagen Surf School 2.0. We are excited and look forward to welcoming you in the new and improved environment. You will still be instructed by your good old instructor team in our amazing lagoon, but in the future it will also be possible to shelter from the wind and weather in..Read More
October 10

Go on a surfing adventure!

Copenhagen Surf School team
Traditionally, the entire surf team goes on a surfing adventure every year in October, when the surf season at the surf school is over again. This year, the trip to Bordeaux in northern France. It has also become a tradition that no one knows where we are going, besides Rasmus and Ole – and especially Caroline and Sofie could hardly stand out before the day of departure. After countless assassination attempts in the form of specked phone calls and detailed questions about the packing list, they too had to endure the tension. As northern France stood, sun and big waves on the boarding pass, the mood was red-hot..Read More
July 19

Lots of good weather and wind in the sails!

Windsurf course in Copenhagen
We have had fantastic weather the last few weeks and a lot of happy windsurfers and paddleboarders on our surf courses in the beach park! The surf phone has had its brakes changed and it's got new fusss on, so it's running like a dream. Are you ready to come surfing this weekend? We are!