Windsurf Courses

Learn to Windsurf

Learn to Windsurf or challenge your current level and get even better. At our Windsurf courses there are only 13 students for 2 deeply professional instructors. We use the latest surf equipment of the market and keep the focus on individual learning out on the water of extremely high quality. Everyone can learn to windsurf and everyone can get better!

 To the students

We offer 100 student discount on all Windsurfkurser which are held on weekends and a total of 200 kr. Discount on all our everyday windsurfkurser. Plus, you'll also get a 400 student discount on our 5-trip course. To obtain a student discount, you must be on the state education support SU and be able to present a valid student card at Check-in. The student discount is deducted when booking.