BIG NEWS!!😍 We are thrilled to finally be able to unveil our brand new collaboration! 🥳

It has always been our vision to create authentic windsurf experiences of the highest order! It is therefore with butterflies in our stomachs that we kick off the 6th season with what we think is the world's absolute best surf sail! 🏄 ♂️ 🏄 ♀️

You can now look forward to feeling the rush as the ultralight Severne S1 rig carries you off! And look forward to windsurfing with exactly the same equipment as Philip Köster, Bjørn Dunkerbeck and copenhagen surf school team! 🤟

Together with Mikkel and Severne, we are totally excited to kick off the 2021 season with Ben Severne's Australian Formula 1 sail! It just doesn't get any bigger!🙌