We are all ready, with a smile on your lips to welcome you warmly to our surfing courses and give you the best experience on the water.

Ole Hasholt & Rasmus Øgelund

Founders & Surf Instructors

Kristian Nørgaard

Surf Instructor

Karoline Engelund

IT & Development

Mads Bang

Surf Instructor

Sofie Dalsgaard

Surf Instructor

Nikolaj Frandsen

Surf Instructor

Caroline Nørgaard

Surf Instructor

Frederik Johansen

Surf Instructor

Catrine Hasholt

Media & Film

Christopher Birch

Design & Graphics

Surfcourses in Copenhagen 

Hop on the paddle board and surf the sun, or get the excitement and wind in your hair on our windsurf course. Our great passion is surfing and we look forward to taking you on our surf courses in Copenhagen. What should be your next surfing adventure?