Rent a SUP in Amager Strandpark
Rent Surf Equipment with Ole and Rasmus at Copenhagen Surf School in Copenhagen



Rent surf equipment in Copenhagen. The price includes a 140 L freeride board and a 2021 Severne sailing rig. To take advantage of this offer, you must currently be a part of our Master Class Pro

SAVE 60%

DKK 295 ,-



Rent your surf equipment in the booking calendar below and remember to use your personal code to get a 60 % discount. If you're not already part of our Master Class Pro team, you can sign up Here.



This exceptional offer is reserved for our current Master Class Pro surfers. Is the wind good on a day that's not your Master Class Pro day? Then fear not: Book a set of gear - and remember to invite your Pro buddies!



Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange a missed Master Class Pro session for a rental session. Rentals are an additional supplement to the weekly group training, and we would miss you too much.

Are you in doubt about something? Instructor Sofie will help you on your way!

Windsurfing Course in Copenhagen

Who can rent surf equipment with a 60 % discount?

Rent surf equipment and get an unbeatable discount! As a student on our Master Class Pro
, you get no less than 60 % discount on your windsurfing rental! Simply use your personal discount code which will be sent to you by email just before your Master Class Pro course starts. Remember that the discount code is personal and only to be used by you.

How to become part of Master Class Pro?

If you've never tried windsurfing before or are at a beginner's level, get started with our
kick-off program
where we teach you how to surf, and you get familiar with the sport - and then you're ready to continue on  our Master Class. Here we hone your windsurfing technique and prepare you for Master Class Pro. If you already know how to windsurf and have taken at least 10 hours of windsurfing lessons elsewhere, you can jump straight into one of our Master Class courses. If you're not sure where you fit in, reach out to us, and we'll sort it out together!

What are some good places in Zealand to windsurf?

If you like waves and strong winds, the north coast is a sideshore surfing mecca stretching from Rågeleje in the west to Hornbæk and Munkerup in the east. The north coast surf spots work best with 10+ m/s and wind directions from west-south-west to north-north-west. However, you'll need to be able to plane in footstraps and trapeze as well as waterstart steadily before heading out into the north coast waves. On the other hand: are you a beginner or slightly experienced, or do you just love to race and freestyle windsurf? Then Roskilde Fjord, Sydvestpynten on Amager, and especially Amager Strandpark are great all-round spots. When you rent surf equipment at our surf school in Amager Strandpark, you can either take your rented surf equipment into the safe lagoon, or you can try your hand at the waves of the Øresund if there is onshore wind from the east.

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