Become a complete windsurfer

Become a complete windsurfer that can take off and windsurf on your own. We recommend all upcoming windsurfers to take our 5-trip course. Here we build your level from time to time over 5 lessons. We teach you to master everything from surfing strong, making advanced turns and modern letvinds Freestyle tricks. With the 5-tour process, we tailor a training program to suit your specific needs and take you from beginner to winner in just 5 surf lessons.

You decide when to take your 5 lessons during the summer or if you want to take some lessons this year and save some for the next season.
The 5-sessions courset has no expiry date and you pay only for 4 lessons, the fifth lesson is free!

The 5-course is personal. This means that the 5 lessons can only be booked and used by one and the same person. The 5-course is not a group discount, but an offer for those surfers who really want to move over the season through a complete training course.

Buy your 5 course journey below and we will send you a unique personal code that you can use to book your 5 future Windsurfkurser in our booking system. Are you a student please use the code Studentforløb To obtain a student discount on your purchase of the 5-tour course.